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bina's Journal

Terror In the Depths of the Fog

10 September 1987
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Well.. Im an artistic person. I love art, I sketch, paint, design graphics, do photography. I have gone through many stages of wanting to be an artist, graphic designer, animator, architect, photographer, fashion designer, game and character designer, anime artist, web designer ... all I would love to achieve.
I also try to play guitar when I can. Music rules over my emotions. I especially like Japanese Rock music and listen to bands and singers like Gackt, Hyde, L'Arc~en~Ciel, the Gazette, Ayabie, Dir en Grey and Alice Nine. If you want to know how im feeling, just look and listen to the music I am playing.
I love all things Japanese like their music, gardens, architecture, food, culture, art, etc. As you can see from my many emails and nick names, I am interested in japanese ghosts, which are 'Yurei'. I watch many Asian horror movies like Ringu, Juon and The Eye. I am very interested in Japanese folklore. I read up on old japanese stories of ghosts and of their past. There culture is so interesting to me.
I am a gamer chick. Have been since I was young. I now play action horror games like Silent Hill, Project Zero and Resident Evil. I play my DS constantly and love games like Zelda, Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Harvest Moon.